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Matt Fraser’s Addition to Suffering

“No. No I do not have an addition to suffering. I have an addition to what the product of suffering is… Same way as anything I do in life. Like.. When I was in school, I would literally sit in the library for 10 hours on Saturday. I would read the text book from cover-to-cover. When I would finish a chapter. If I could tell you ever single law that was in there or ever single formula, I would go back and read it again. It was not because I was addicted to reading the text book, it was because I was addicted to the day that we got our exams.. and the exams wasn’t challenging. That, that the feeling I chase. Like getting, getting your test score back and you have the highest grade in your class. That’s a good feeling! When I am down stairs by myself and no one else is around, no one else is watching.. that when the work gets put in! I don’t love doing rowing intervals or max out squats. That shit hurts!! But the day you show up to exams and you put up a top time, that the feeling I chase.”

Mat Fraser is the Fittest Man on Earth, besting 39 other insanely fit competitors to win the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Fraser CFG 2016 Winner

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