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How to Create a Comprehensive SANS GICA Excel or Sheets Index

I have been a Certified Professional with GIAC since 2012 and in this post I want to share with others the high-level technique for creating a comprehensive index. Whether this is your first course with SANS Institute like SEC 401 – GSEC, SANS 504 – GCIH or other training. The rule of thumb for index length is between eight to ten pages. Simply put, an index is worth the investment in time. Especially if down the road you decide to challenge the GSE.

Assuming the material is new; learning exposure goes from to conceptual to specific and will include labs. There are two tabs within the SANS-GIAC-Index file, the first tab is: “Subjects and Keywords” and the second tab is: “Tools and Commands”. I personally find that having two different indexes are easier to manage and if one is so inclined, could create a color coding schema for OS based tools and bold commands.

Before printing the indexes, sort column ‘A’ from ‘A to Z’ to allow for faster reference. While I am sharing the framework, I will not provide any of my own in-depth indexes.



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